Back from the dead..."im not dead yet!"

Yeah yeah yeah I know been a while since I last posted. Over a year but that doesn't mean I haven't been up to anything in the way of tabletop gaming.

Well really I haven't been up to much. I started to do some conversions on some Dark Eldar test models to build a Chaos Eldar squad for Death Squads (more info here). Picture of the Exarch model to the left. Let me know what you think. I'll be extending the arm on the claw hand a bit and beefing it up a little. It kinda looks like a gimpy hand right now.

I also got a bit done on the Eldar squad as well. Not much though.

Otherwise my life has been pretty hecktik took a side job designing T-shirts and doing some print design so my time for hobby is limited to pretty much listening to podcasts about gaming and playing Magic the Gathering between class.

I would like to thank anyone still listening and hopefully we can get this ball rolling again soon. I may expand to include a little bit of RPG stuff as well as it's also one of my favorite hobbies.


Eldar Dire Avenger Project: Update 2

Oh before I forget I wanted to share the concept art I am using for this model and for what will be my Dire Avengers for my Death Squads, Squad.

Base is pretty much done. Still need to add some dry brushing to the stump and the blood effects when it finally gets here. Highlights are painted using blood red and elf flesh to edge with (for future i will probably use dwarf flesh because it's a little redder but i didn't have any left).

From here on out the photos should be getting better just got a new mini tripod and discovered that blue backgrounds work MUCH better than white ones when shooting minis.

On a side note the Armorcast base will be here soon got the shipping confirmation today so I will be doing a review of the product as soon as it is painted and done so you can see it in all phases.

Thanks for Reading
Till next time keep painting.


Tutorial: Blue Tack Uses in Miniature Modeling

Blue Tack is a useful product for us painters and modelers. First of all it can be used to temporarily set arms and legs in place to test placement for posing models. Though I myself don't use it for this much I have seen it done many times on some forums.


Another use that I do use often is it's ability to hold weight such as a miniature to the top of a GW paint pot so you have a nice grip to paint by.


1. You need the figure you are painting setup on the base as you want it and ready to prime.
2. Loctite Blue Tac or similar product ( the blue stuff you use to put posters up on the wall so they don't have holes in your dry wall)
3. A old dried out Games workshop paint pot


make a ball of blue tack


push the blue tack onto the top of the lid for the Games Workshop Paint Pot so that it covers the whole top and is smoothed around the edges (this keeps it from pulling off as easy when you take your model off.


Push your model PUSHING ONLY ON the base firmly into the blue tac till you have it in the position you would like.


Prime Your model and your ready to paint.

If you would like to add some weight to the handle try filling the GW paint pots with sculpty clay. Also if you want a bigger grip you can take two of the Games workshop pots and put the bottom to bottom and super glue them together that way you can grip it with your whole hand.

*WARNING* I have heard that this whole method doesn't work as well with metal models because of the weight. Even though the package says 5 lbs on it I think it means for use in a diffrent way. So use at your own risk on metal models.

Thanks for reading, and happy painting.


Eldar Dire Avenger Project: Update

Tip for Dire Avenger Eldar- when painting the brush apply a liberal amount of black paint across the top of the brush at the top of the helmet. Then while still wet dip it in fine play sand when you do this you will get the effect you see on my figure which makes it look more like a natural hair than the smooth look that we are used to seeing. I can do a tutorial if anyone need to see what im talking about.

in this update you will see that the armor is pretty much done cept the gems which will be green. the spine is also ready until i get my Tamiya Clear Red in to do the gore effects this week.
Next update will have the rest of the gun and hopefully have finally picked a color for the space marine helmet. I think Im going with salamanders.
I have also picked the display base i will be attaching the figure to with magnets.

Product is made by armorcast (

Until next time.


Eldar Dire Avenger Project

I have already been working on this fella for a few days so have to bear with me a little. This is my project piece for the Death Squads forum Prisoner Exchange 2010. This piece will be sent out to some lucky person from the Death Squads forum in exchange for them sending one to me.

The project consists of a Eldar Dire Avenger posed to kinda resemble hamlet holding the skull from the "to be or not to be" sequence of Shakespears - Hamlet. The twist being in the style of predetor 2 he is holding a space marine head with the spine still attached. Which i plan to gore up a bit with a special blood technique i learned from my friends at DakkaDakka.

Here is the prelim pose with the apreture for the spine in place.


And here with the sculpted spine

And to bring you up to date here is the model Base coated & washed black.

Hope you enjoyed more to come soon!


Welcome to A Ripple in Space

Welcome to my new blog. I am Justine Ayers a signmaker by trade, and a huge fan of mini wargaming and Table Top Role-playing games.

I have 2 Work in Progress Armies (WHF Orcs & 40k Space Marines (salamanders)) and a Death Squads, Squad. My current project is a Eldar Dire Avenger for the forum Prisioner Exchange. Photos coming soon of all these.